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  • Channel Swimmer
  • Iceberg
  • Oh Effendi
  • Fresh Air For My Mama
  • Reds In My Bed
  • Last Night
  • Head Room
  • I Don't Like Cricket - I Love It (Dreadlock Holiday) (Live Version)
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Baby, baby, oh baby
I'd love to love you
But my hands are tied
Break these chains

Oh, oh, these chains that are killing me
You don't need money if you've got love
We've got each other
And it's more than enough

Break these chains
Oh, oh, these chains that are holding me
Ooh, ooh, my love
It's all too much for me to take
Take these chains, take these chains

She never thought that I could live without her
All the little things she used to do
Then I fell in love with you

You found me, you took me in
When no one wanted me
Making love on a sandy beach
The stars above us
And we're clean out of reach of my chains

Oh, oh, the chains that were killing me
And you make everything a paradise
And paradise with you is twice as nice
Never change, never change what you're doing to me
Never change, never change