• You're Gonna Miss Me
  • Roller Coaster
  • Kingdom of Heaven
  • Fire Engine
  • Don't Fall Down
  • Tried to Hide
  • Monkey Island
  • Reverberation (Doubt)
  • Thru the Rhythm
  • Splash 1
  • You Don't Know
  • Slip Inside This House
  • She Lives (in a Time of Her Own)
  • You're Gonna Miss Me (2008 Remastered Original Mono LP Version)
  • I Had to Tell You
  • Slide Machine
  • Nobody to Love
  • Dust
  • Reverberation
  • Baby Blue
  • Earthquake
  • Splash 1 (Now I'm Home)
  • Before You Accuse Me
  • I'm Gonna Love You Too
  • May The Circle Remain Unbroken
  • Levitation
  • Scarlet And Gold
  • I've Got Levitation
  • You Don't Know (How Young You Are)
  • Livin' On
  • Postures (Leave Your Body Behind)
  • Barnyard Blues
  • Everybody Needs Somebody to Love
  • Pictures (Leave Your Body Behind)
  • Down By The River
  • Rose and the Thorn
  • Slip Inside This House - Stereo LP Version
  • Never Another
  • Street Song
  • It's All Over Now, Baby Blue
  • The Word
  • With You
  • Roll Over Beethoven
  • You Really Got Me
  • She Lives in a Time of Her Own
  • Gloria
  • Splash 1 - Original
  • Slip Inside This House - Mono LP Version
  • Slip Inside This House - Original [Extended]
  • Roller Coaster (2008 Remastered Original Mono LP Version)

Dreams are told bout people around you,
If you should watch them they soon will astound you,
I know a guy who said he felt threatened,
Said he dreamed nice things when you was around him
Dreams, dreams,
can't help but believe him
Dreams, dreams,
can seesaw beneath him
How do you play there ....many mind
How do you play there....many mind
Living in trust is what we should strive for,

speak not the truth and soon you'll be called for,
Someday is coming and soon I'll be asking,
Ready yourself for love everlasting
wind, rain,... sun and sea,
cannot keep... your love from me,
all these things... were meant to be
Dreams, dreams,
can't help to believe me,
Dreams, dreams,
in seesaw bequeathing,
How do you play there.... many mind
How do you play there.... many mind
How do you play there.... many mind
How do you play there.... many mind