• Bruises
  • I Belong in Your Arms
  • Amanaemonesia
  • Evident Utensil
  • Sidewalk Safari
  • Planet Health
  • Met Before
  • Garbage
  • Take It Out on Me
  • Ghost Tonight
  • Wrong Opinion
  • Somewhere Around Here
  • Ch-Ching
  • Earwig Town
  • Cool as a Fire
  • Make Your Mind Up
  • Territory
  • Moth To The Flame
  • Polymorphing
  • Don't Give a Damn
  • Frigid Spring
  • Guilty as Charged
  • Ceiling Wax
  • Turning
  • Chameleon Closet
  • Romeo
  • Crying In Public
  • Look Up
  • Show U Off
  • Le Flying Saucer Hat
  • Ottawa To Osaka
  • Unfinished Business
  • Grown Up Blues
  • No Such Thing As Illusion
  • Dixie Gypsy
  • Always Crashing in the Same Car
  • I Belong In Your Arms - Photek Remix
  • I Belong In Your Arms - John Talabot & Pional 6.15AMix
  • Bruises (Passion Pit Remix)
  • I Belong In Your Arms - Japanese Version
  • Get Real
  • Romeo - HANA Remix
  • Evident Utensil (MGMT Remix)
  • Sidewalk Safari - Dan Carey Dub Mix
  • Sidewalk Safari - Martyn's Crystal World Remix
  • I Belong in Your Arms (Japanese version)
  • Cactus Palace
  • I Belong in Your Arms (John Talabot & Pional 6.15AMix)
  • Moth to the Flame - Olga Bell Remix
  • Met Before - The Field Remix

You make yourself at home
In my zone
Leave my shit alone
Home alone
I got my kit
With bricks and clay
I built a fence
Keep you away

My territory
My territory
My territory
My territory

Clean up when you're done
Keep the mice out
Lock up when you run
Keep the night out
I pay my rent
To my country
But in my land
The lord is me

My territory
My territory