• Watching Airplanes
  • Best I Ever Had
  • Right Where I Need To Be
  • Nothing On But The Radio
  • Life Ain't Always Beautiful
  • Songs About Rain
  • Tough Little Boys
  • Her Man
  • Smoke Rings In The Dark
  • Every Storm (Runs Out Of Rain)
  • Learning How To Bend
  • The One
  • A Feelin' Like That
  • She's So California
  • Today
  • Lovin' You Against My Will
  • Get Off On The Pain
  • Man Of Me
  • Like It's A Bad Thing
  • It Would Be You
  • We Touched The Sun
  • See If I Care
  • Yesterday's Rain
  • Runaway
  • It Ain't The Whiskey
  • Pieces
  • Drinkin' Dark Whiskey
  • As Long As You're Looking Back
  • I Can Love You
  • Kiss Me When I'm Down
  • Promise Broken
  • Guys Like Me
  • I Just Got Back From Hell
  • He Can't Quit Her
  • Half Of My Mistakes
  • Trying To Matter
  • Tough All Over
  • What I'd Say
  • Can't Do It Today
  • Man to Man
  • What Kind Of Fool
  • Bourbon Borderline
  • Living Hard
  • I Think I've Had Enough
  • Wrecking Ball
  • You Don't Know A Thing About Me
  • No Damn Good
  • Sorry
  • No Regrets
  • As The Crow Flies

Well, high school got me educated
Still went and graduated
I didn't have a clue

Did a stint in the Navy
They did their best to break me
Somehow I made it through

I've had some hard knocks
I've been around the block
But, baby, I believe
That lovin' you made a man of me

Raisin' hell, racing cars
Closin' down the local bars
That's what I used to do

Family told me settle down
Find yourself some solid ground
Where you can put down some roots

Back then I thought love
Was only sissy stuff, now I see
That lovin' you made a man of me
That lovin you made a man of me

I don't know what it is you do
But every time I'm holdin you
I know my heart is for

I'm the one you lean on
Got to be strong
It ain't just about me anymore

Well goodbye to my blind immaturity
Lovin' you made a man of me
Made a man of me
Made a man of me

I'd still be only lost and lonely
As a boy can be, can't you see that
Lovin' you made a man of me
Lovin' you made a man of me
Made a man of me
Made a man of me

Lovin' you
Lovin' you
Lovin' you