• Watching Airplanes
  • Best I Ever Had
  • Right Where I Need To Be
  • Nothing On But The Radio
  • Life Ain't Always Beautiful
  • Songs About Rain
  • Tough Little Boys
  • Her Man
  • Smoke Rings In The Dark
  • Every Storm (Runs Out Of Rain)
  • Learning How To Bend
  • The One
  • A Feelin' Like That
  • She's So California
  • Today
  • Lovin' You Against My Will
  • Get Off On The Pain
  • Man Of Me
  • Like It's A Bad Thing
  • It Would Be You
  • We Touched The Sun
  • See If I Care
  • Yesterday's Rain
  • Runaway
  • It Ain't The Whiskey
  • Pieces
  • Drinkin' Dark Whiskey
  • As Long As You're Looking Back
  • I Can Love You
  • Kiss Me When I'm Down
  • Promise Broken
  • Guys Like Me
  • I Just Got Back From Hell
  • He Can't Quit Her
  • Half Of My Mistakes
  • Trying To Matter
  • Tough All Over
  • What I'd Say
  • Can't Do It Today
  • Man to Man
  • What Kind Of Fool
  • Bourbon Borderline
  • Living Hard
  • I Think I've Had Enough
  • Wrecking Ball
  • You Don't Know A Thing About Me
  • No Damn Good
  • Sorry
  • No Regrets
  • As The Crow Flies

I\\'m out here everyday breakin\\' haerts along the way
I cause ears to fall and some to lose it all
This whole world would be
Better off without me
Well, I\\'m the saddest words you\\'ve spoken
I\\'m a promise broken

I\\'m the ballgame that you missed
I\\'m the calls that don\\'t come in
I\\'m every poor excuse you use to cover up the truth
I tell the people that you love
That they don\\'t matter quite enough
There\\'s no stoppin\\' me once I\\'m in motion
I\\'m a promise broken

Disappointment, disillusion
Despair, confusion
I\\'ve seen it all in their eyes
Don\\'t promise you will if you won\\'t
Don\\'t say you do if you don\\'t
Its alright to say you\\'ll try

Well, I get pushed aside when you move on with your life
But I\\'ll stand the test of time in your heart and in your mind
You\\'ll think about me now and then
Wonder how your life might\\'ve been
But I will leave you never knowin\\'
Well, I\\'m a promise broken
I\\'m a promise broken