• Forever Love
  • Let Me Go
  • Open Road
  • So Help Me Girl
  • Love Won't Wait
  • I Fall So Deep
  • Hang On In There Baby
  • Always
  • Everything I Ever Wanted
  • Are You Ready Now
  • For All That You Want
  • My Commitment
  • Face to Face
  • Since I Saw You Last
  • Requiem
  • Jump
  • Lay Down For Love
  • Never Knew
  • Small Town Girls
  • God
  • 6th Avenue
  • Shame
  • Dying Inside
  • This House
  • We Like to Love
  • More than Life
  • What You Mean to Me
  • Don't Need A Reason
  • Actress
  • Stronger
  • Mr Everything
  • Lie To Me
  • The Song I'll Never Write
  • Arms Around Me
  • Love Won't Wait (Radio Edit)
  • Fast Car
  • All That I've Given Away
  • Love Won't Wait - Radio Edit
  • Before You Turn Away
  • Wondering
  • Yesterday's Girl
  • Nothing Feels The Same
  • Walk
  • Back For Good (Live)
  • Stronger (Radio Edit)
  • Something About This Night - From Finding Neverland The Album
  • Superhero
  • Sing
  • Face To Face (with Elton John)
  • Stronger - Radio Edit

What you don't know,
Is all I know.

How can I make sure that I fool everyone?
Gonna wear a suit and tie and put my bravest face on.
And it's far too deep to show you this wound.
No it wont heal, no time soon.
Nobody knows what I'm going through.

I'm dying inside.
Who know's what I'm thinking, what I'm trying to hide?
Here I'm dying all night
I'm breathing, but I can't feel life.
I'm smiling, but I'm dying inside.

How can I make sure that I'm invisible?
I find just a simple phrase that may say it all.
Cause it's far too soon and not the right time